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Morse is town located in southern Saskatchewan along the TransCanada highway. Situated 35 minutes from Swift Current and 45 minutes from Moose Jaw.


Morse has a rich history and past, a growing friendly community with a population of approximately 236 people.Being a quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle of the large urban centers, with safe neighborhoods, clean air and abundant water, coupled with affordable housing, many have found Morse to be an ideal place to live, raise a family and make a home.
History of Morse
The town site of Morse was staked out in 1902. By 1909 there was approximately one hundred people residing in the hamlet and in 1910 Morse became a village. In the year Morse became a town it had a population of 650 people. The population continued to grow but as other towns and villages established in the surrounding area the population began to slowly decline, and in the many years following the population fluctuated.
The Town of Morse was declared on November 1, 1912 with J. J. Williams elected as mayor. It seems that the town was named after the Western Superintendent of the CPR whose name was Morse. In 1912 Morse was the third largest grain marketing point in Saskatchewan. In 1915 it set a record by shipping out 2 and a ¼ million bushels of wheat.
    In 1902 a large number of men arrived on site to cut down the grades and straighten the railway. The first meeting of the men working on the railway and the local ranchers occurred when the cowboys from neighboring ranches came and sold the railway company many of their working horses. This led to a large number of farmers and towns people settling in Morse.
 A rush of settlers in 1906 began with carloads of household products, cattle, horses, and much more. The families unloaded right out onto the prairie from the railroad cars to begin totally new lives. Many people came from the United States and Eastern Canada. 
    In July 1910 a fire threatened the very existence of the town. The fire started in the livery barn and spread very quickly to the hotel on the South as well as other businesses to the North.
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