CELEBRATE 2012 with us!

Morse is celebrating its 100th year in 2012! and we want you to join us!


Morse. Email us at

orse has a lot to offer,
from our business sector,recreational
facilities,clubs and organizations.
What we have is a great place to live, a great place to raise kids and a great place for a healthy and happy life.  
We are proud of our unparalleled hospitality. Being a small town Saskatchewan, (pop. Approx. 300), people here seem to be in a kind of “zone”, and are always happy to help out, have a conversation, meet at the coffee shop and so forth.
Temporary crews that come into our town and choose to stay permenantly,RCMP officers who stay and live here rather than take that transfer, many of our citizens live here all their lives, and those that do move on do so with regret. 
We are sure you will be happy here, and if you choose to visit we are confident that you will be proud to call Morse “your town” too!
Residential Development Opportunities
Here in Morse the possibilities for residential development are plentiful. A few serviced and well kept lots allow for one to build, and the taxes and water costs are about as inexpensive as can be found.
The Town of Morse will be willing to accomodate those who are thinking of moving or building here. We will answer your questions, and offer our prairie hospitality to you. 
There are also numerous opportunities for commercial development here, as well.
Living Accommodations
There are a variety of options if you are thinking of moving to Morse. 
Renting or purchasing of available houses, or the purchase of lots. There are also apartments and low cost housing available to those who might need it.
LOW RENTAL HOUSING - These are primarily for seniors
Emergency Services 9-1-1